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Faith's birth story

Our baby is here. Faith was born Tuesday (9-29-09) at 2:54 pm after 10 hours of exponential labor, meaning it really went fast near the end progressing from 7 cm to 10 cm after 1 hour in the hospital. She weighed 7 lbs and measured 19 inches.

Faith is a happy, healthy little girl - a real sweetheart. She sleeps a ton with hardly a peep. She is eating well and getting fatter thighs which is good because she is dainty looking, long and lean. I'm feeling better as I get more sleep. I'm glad my milk is finally starting to slow down, a bit. I am "blessed" with an over abundance of milk - I could probably feed triplets!

Backing up, last Tuesday I started having regular contractions early morning. They were just annoying enough I couldn't sleep. They slowly progressed to harder and longer and closer together over the coarse of the morning. At first we were scrambling to get some things together because we weren't expecting her at 37 weeks. Then as they got really difficult I got in the tub, which helped. Ben was there by my side the whole time timing contractions and getting me things. He walked with me down the block and back which really helped deal with the pain and move things a long a bit. Then we watched an Office episode while I bounced on an exercise ball - that helped a ton. All of a sudden, they went to 5 minutes apart and much more painful.

We hurried to the hospital and on admittance, I was groaning and moaning during contractions. When they got to checking me, I was 7 cm! I felt empowered working through the labor on my own at home and was trying to keep a smile on my face (between contractions) while the hospital staff worked around me. I did get an epidural again and it helped take off the edge even though I progressed rapidly. After the epidural was in, I measured 9 cm. The doctor wasn't there and I felt her move into the birth canal and yelled "She's coming!". Soon after, my water broke. Tons of pressure and I wanted to push for a few minutes. The on-call Dr. came in and just had time to get ready. I pushed through the next contraction and her head was out. One more push for the shoulders and then she was here!

It was a great birth and one I will remember fondly. I felt in control and totally present, instead of spaced out through the pain and the whirlwind of how fast it went (like with Daidra's birth). I knew what to expect, I stayed positive, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience welcoming our little one into the world.


my experiences with energy

I've had a lot of energy work done by my neighbor, in class for practice, and also doing it personally on myself. In one session of class, I was the guinea pig for a cellular metabolism correction - basically a really deep correction that gets energy moving at the cellular level by eliminating deep emotional issues. There wasn't, and usually isn't, any talk about a particular traumatic event or anything. You can just start testing for what the body needs most. I had no preconceived notions either. She started testing up for me from our workbook - we have several lists and pages to muscle test from. The words that came up painted a kind picture that she could have no knowledge of: it was a picture of my marriage to Phil, his betrayal, and that whole ride (first confusion, worry, shock, hurt, anger, etc.). I felt the emotions well up in me like they have done so many times in the past, but it wasn't like Read more...Collapse )

So, there is a comprehensive look into my experience/knowledge with energy work and why I love it. It is probably something you have to experience to really understand. I feel so much better!!! (Goodbye to anxiety too - that's another story! :)

where have I been?

I know, I've been MIA. It was a great summer. I finished my energy work class and have been practicing on my family all summer. I'm finally feeling the backing of the spirit and feel my confidence rising. Here is a description I typed up a few months ago explaining energy and energy work:

Emotions affecting us physically Read more...Collapse )


I went to the OB yesterday and saw my little baby squirming around! It was awesome. I'm 11 weeks and sick as a dog. Hopefully it will let up soon. I'm still teaching and getting through, though I gave my notice to the school about not coming back next year. My baby's proposed birthday is Oct. 19! Yeah! Here comes number 4!


Childhood dreams

ride in a hot air balloon
fly in an airplane
go to the ocean and run, sing, and watch that beautiful sun set
kiss several boys
Be at the top of the world in the Twin Towers
go to a broadway play - Phantom Les Mis too!
go to Disneyworld
go to Disneyland
go whitewater rafting
run a marathon

go to Hawaii or some South Pacific Island and be seranaded "Some Enchanged Evening" - OH! And singing, "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair!" with a backup of a dozen girls giggling on the beach... well, I can dream, right?!

hike in the Alps
go on an overnight backpacking trip
marry in the temple
dance in another country (join in their folk dances - especially Africa!)
travel cross country (or at least up the pacific coast) by motorcycle - camping in yurts
visit Israel, specifically Jerusalem
go back East in the fall for an extended period
go on a mission with my husband
always be in some kind of class or group = learning
stay at a NICE bed and breakfast
have my own classroom
raise a happy family
homeschool my kids
write a book
live by the ocean for a season
make money stresslessly from home
own and manage my own house
learning the art of healing
control my own health (mental and physical)
be drug free (whole family)
be as self-sufficient as possible (garden, water/well, chickens, goat)


health is improving!

It is amazing how the Lord brings people into our lives with understanding beyond our own to be our angels and help us on our journey. It is amazing how the Lord guided us to each person and specialty, using many witnesses to confirm the validity for us. For instance, our reflexologist told me about a book titled “A Walk Through Heaven”, self-published by a lady named Kim Rives, detailing her spiritual journey of healing from cancer and her visit to the spirit world when she died for a brief period. I looked for the book at the library and local bookstore but couldn’t find it. So, I forgot about it. Then, my friend who served with me in the primary presidency (before she moved) gave me a potion of the book for Christmas and shared how much she enjoyed it. So, I read it and loved it! I went to Kim’s house (here in Logan) to get 2 copies of the book, for me and a sister-in-law. It was so cool to meet her there in her home. What a special sister. I asked her about her hypnotherapy practice (which she mentioned briefly on her website) and if she could work with Ben. That got us talking about his health. She shared with me how her health was 6 years with and recovering from the cancer and how she got better so quick after using the three main Nikken products (the magnet company). She has degenerative disk disease from the bone marrow transplant and if she wears there necklace, she doesn’t have pain. If she takes it off, the pain returns. Well, I was so surprised by this – because my visiting teacher had told me just a few weeks prior about Nikken when I was crying about Ben’s health not improving and feelings so hopeless. That day, I met with my VT and she showed us the products.

Directly after that, over Christmas break, I bought several hundred dollars of products off Ebay. I didn’t want the distributer pressure but discounted products. They worked well for us for several weeks and we noticed some difference in our sleep and energy level (and the water is tasty). I attended some of their meetings and took Ben to one, as we wanted to understand better. Last week, we signed up as distributors for the full discount and more products that we didn’t get yet. We love the water because it tastes better AND I can drink it when I have indigestion and it doesn’t get worse. Usually, the water stays I my stomach and doesn’t digest (because it is more acidic? Than this stuff) while the new water absorbed quickly (more alkaline?). I also use the powermag (spinning magnetic) on my tummy when I have indigestion and it helps relax and ease pain immediately! We’ve used it on Ben too, as well as the necklace which seems to help ease some pain. He definitely has more energy, is UP more, and has more endurance. We are sleeping better. We are both sleeping deeper and when we do wake up, we are getting back to sleep very quickly. I thought the hard nobbed mattress would be uncomfortable but it isn't (only for the first few days) and the hard contoured pillow is amazingly comfortable. I LOVE the comforter. It lets us sleep at different termperatures and is just amazing. (We got the pad new for $75 off Craig's list but it made us sleep a little colder, us needig socks, and now with the comforter it is perfect!)

We are getting better!!


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!!

I miss all of you here on LJ! I think about you occasionally, on those rare but precious occasions, and wonder about your lives. I hope you have found hope and happiness this year. The next year will be even better! I know that it is possible, no matter the circumstance. We are agents and creators of our own lives. Like the weather, there are things in our lives that we cannot control. However *eyes twinkling* -

We can ski bundled up when it snows,
go puddle jumping with rubbers in rain,
grow and produce when the heat is turned up,
and work hard to harvest when the nights turn cold.

Life IS good in every season...
just get out the right box
to decorate and clothe your heart/life accordingly.
Just enjoy the recreation and work at hand!

Love you!


my baby got hurt!

Daidra had a very unpleasant, actually horrific accident on Saturday. She is OK now but we had a really hard time for awhile there. I was cleaning up on the weekend. There was a pile of paper that I needed to dispose of. After watching me, apparently Daidra decided she wanted to help. Unfortunately, Mom's aren't always watching carefully enough and her little fingers went into the paper shredder.

AHHH! I was absolutely in shock. MY BABY! Even typing this is difficult as the images are so fresh and it is so morbid. I can still hear her screams and her "it hurts!". I'll never forget my screams for Ben to come quick! I didn't know what to do, besides turning it off... how could we get her fingers out?! He looked carefully and found that one came out but that the middle one finger was indeed stuck inside. We didn't know whether or not we should put the shredder in reverse or not. AHHhh, can you believe we had to ask ourselves these questions - as our baby is crying for our help. He eventually just pulled it out. I whisked her up and ran for my shoes. Blood was gushing everywhere, getting on our clothes. I grabbed a clean towel to wrap her hand in and held her as we drove to the emergency room.

She was in shock as she wasn't really crying until after we checked in. At first I was pressing her finger firmly to keep it from bleeding to much but then she was complaining about it so I stopped. They got us back really quick (bless them!) and the doctor looked at it. He ordered some oral medication for her and the nurse also put on some topical painkiller. It took at bit to work as she was still crying and screaming as they took an X-ray of her finger. Poor thing. I'm so glad Ben was there as I was an absolute mess. I felt like it was all my fault for not watching her closer and removing the danger. Anyway, the x-ray revealed that the bone was fractured - apparently that was where the paper shredder had stopped. I'm so glad that it wasn't very powerful - one of those cheap 3-5 paper ones. We had to wait a bit for the Dr. to stitch her up but the painkillers were taking off the edge. When he started working on her though, it was just too painful - especially the bone probably. They then numbed her hand with a needle directly into the nerve, apparently VERY painful though the effect is similar to what happens at the dentist. After that, she was very good about letting the doctor do his thing as Ben read her several books. The suckers helped too (as do the codeine pain killer and antibiotic every 5 hours). She was thanking the doctor and the nurse too. She has been happy and good about her wrapped hand ever since.

Our promise that the Dr. would make it all better hasn't been forgotten. She repeated has held up her hand and said, "nice doctor". She refers to her right hand now as her "big hand" (as it doesn't fit into her coat) and her left hand as her "little hand". She's gotten good at eating with her L though still colors and draws with her two exposed finger tips that are peaking out of her wrap. The hand surgeon unwrapped her hand yesterday and was very pleased with how she is healing. He said the emergency doctor stitched it up well. (There are a TON of stitchs all over her tip, as far down as where the nail was on all sides.) The nail will grow back for sure and probably straight but time will tell. Stitches will come out in probably a week though the bone will take longer to heal.There will be some scarring but she is young. We are so lucky that nothing was amputated and they were able to stitch back together all the "ragged" edges. MY BABY!

Unplug your paper shredders as little fingers have a knack for finding trouble.

Day 4 - Thursday in Nauvoo

Our first full day in Nauvoo started out perfectly: an endowment session in the Nauvoo Temple. It was so beautiful in so many ways. I felt connected with my siblings and their spouses, connected with my ancestors who received endowments on that same spot, connected with those early saints who sacrificed so much that I could know what I know and do what I do (as they did) - building zion. Being in the celestial room was especially great, and again, very beautiful. The visual representation of the three kingdoms (stain glass, woodwork, chandeliers, etc.) was stunning.Read more...Collapse )

The day ended perfectly over at Dan's suite. I helped Monique prepare enchiladas for her meal with Rachelle the next day. All my siblings were there chit chatting. We gathered around the table to play Meet it or Beat it. See, I tried to teach them this game at the reunion last year but the name was a hang up for them (then, they kept laughing at it and it ticked Ang off). So, this year they promised to behave and actually enjoyed the game. Now they can play it with Dad and Mom when they get back, because they like it too. We all found out Rachel hadn't seen Business Time by Flight of the Conchordians on youtube so we HAD to see that (Dan showed it to me). She was crying tears she was laughing so hard. It is very funny! (viewer discretion for couple missionaries - a little adult humor)

I love my family!

Day 3 - Wednesday

Day 3: We saw a beautiful lake on our drive into our camp the day before. We heard there were many nice trails around it. We got up and quickly head out for a lazy trip around the lake. It was nice. Upon returning, we had eggs and toast on our camp stove. We then packed up as it was getting late. We should have left earlier but had to take advantage of the showers because we really really smelled. I wasn't about to show up to our reunion like that.Read more...Collapse )

Ang and her family were so great to us the whole time. We shared a room with them. I'm so glad Ang picked up groceries for me (and my groceries for the dinner) when they were at Walmart in Keokuck, IA - 30 minutes away. She called me when we were half way across MO to see where I was and to help me out. They also paid $300 of the three day suite bill leaving us with only $211 - saying that they paid more because they had an extra kid and used 2 bedrooms where we only used the smaller 1 (while the boys slept on the sofa pullout). Whatever - but it was so nice of them. :) I went to bed late again because I stayed up with my sisters (Ang AND Rachel, and Ang's Ben) preparing chicken and toppings for Ang and my meal for the following day: Hawaiian Haystacks. Ang also made a jello salad and I made her yummy butterscotch bar recipe (with yellow cake mix). It was fun to let go and joke with my sisters. Yeah yeah yeah!! I was finally here, in Nauvoo, with my family... I'd been looking forward to this for sooo long. I slept like a rock!